About Jackie

Jacqueline Garvey
Jacqueline Garvey has been involved as a partner in education for many years. Through leadership roles in professional and volunteer positions, she has helped young people reach their potential; enabled parents to advocate for their children in the school setting; and educated educators about hands-on learning. Under her leadership, the Indiana Partnerships Center, Indiana’s Parent Information and Resource Center, transitioned from a program under a parent agency to an independent, not-for-profit organization, of which she became executive director. She helped to create the Indiana Academy for Parent & School Leadership, a key statewide initiative in which educators and parents develop strategies for linking parent activities to student learning and school improvement.

Jackie cultivated her leadership skills over 25 years of work in adult and youth leadership initiatives. She was instrumental in creating an AmeriCorps program that served more than 20 elementary and middle schools in the Indianapolis Public Schools. As state program director for the Center for Youth as Resources, she directed a statewide AmeriCorps program that integrated high school students into Youth Service Bureau boards so their voices could be heard on issues involving their peers. At Butler University, Jackie was program coordinator for Project Leadership Service, a year-long youth-leadership and mentoring program that matched high school students with fifth-graders.

Jackie served five years as a consultant to schools to implement and evaluate service-learning programs through Learn and Serve grants from the Indiana Department of Education. She is passionate about helping adults and youths recognize how they can become resources to their schools and communities.